FiiO LC-2.5B

FiiO LC-2.5B
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FiiO LC-2.5/3.5/4.4B series - Practical and good The highlights of the FiiO LC-B series at a... more
Product information "FiiO LC-2.5B"

FiiO LC-2.5/3.5/4.4B series - Practical and good
The highlights of the FiiO LC-B series at a glance:

    The right cable for every connection - Whether 2.5 mm/3.5 mm/4.4 mm
    MMCX connectors on the headphones - Quick and easy replacement
    Only the best materials used - High-purity, silver-plated copper
    Resistant and robust - Kevlar fibres stranded in the cable
    Stylish look - Transparent jacket provides deep insights

Why replace headphone cables at all?

FiiO LC-2.5B on the FiiO X7 Mark II

Well, apart from the obvious reason that a cable could simply be broken and therefore needs to be replaced, there is another important reason: better sound.

The music is produced in the playback device and has to reach the headphones "somehow". Every cable, without exception, represents a resistance that influences the sound in some way. Now, the higher the quality of the cable, the less interference there is in the audible signal.

Accordingly, the logical consequence is: a high-quality player with headphones that have a lot of potential also needs a high-quality connection between these two points.
As little interference as possible - silver-plated single conductors

FiiO LC2.5B close-up view

Silver is known for its excellent conductivity, which is why it is used in the LC-B series cables. However, as pure silver is very expensive and also susceptible to cable breakage, a solid core of high-quality, almost completely oxygen-free monocrystalline copper is used instead, which is then silver-plated.

In the LC-B series cables, two cable strands with 24 individual conductors each are used per channel, resulting in a total number of 96 individual conductors in the complete cable. These individual conductors are reinforced internally by Kevlar fibre strands to prevent tearing and breakage.
Making the connection - What are the options?

On the headphone side, things are quite simple. Each cable strictly follows the MMCX standard and can therefore be easily connected and disconnected.

But on the player side, too, it's actually quite simple, because the cables are available with a balanced 2.5 mm jack connection, unbalanced 3.5 mm jack connection or as a 4.4 mm jack. So you only have to decide which size you need, the rest is standardised.
Looks good too - transparent jacket

The sheathing of the cable is transparent all the way up to the MMCX connectors, so you can virtually "watch" the cables at work.

Thus, it not only sounds high quality, it also looks accordingly.

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