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FiiO LC-3.5D
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FiiO LC-2.5D/3.5D/4.4D - Monocrystalline Silver for Best Stereo Sound The FiiO... more
Product information "FiiO LC-3.5D"

FiiO LC-2.5D/3.5D/4.4D - Monocrystalline Silver for Best Stereo Sound

The FiiO LC-2.5D/3.5D/4.4D in summary: Monocrystalline silver is the "royal class" among audiophile materials. This material is moulded by FiiO into some of the finest headphone cables with jack plugs and 0.78 mm connectors.
The highlights of the FiiO LC-2.5D cables at a glance:

    Monocrystalline copper as conductor material- Highest quality and signal transmission.
    224 individual conductors for one result - Bringing the music signal to the headphones without loss
    Appearance counts too - cable sheathing made of medical-grade PVC
    0.78 mm ensure maximum compatibility - The alternative to the MMCX connector
    Balanced or unbalanced? - 2.5 mm, 4.4 mm or 3.5 mm jack, the choice is yours

Monocrystalline silver - High purity material for clean sound

FiiO LC 2.5D cable

The core of each cable is a string of many crystals. There may well be 4,000 to 5,000 crystals per metre of cable, with each transition from crystal to crystal introducing noise into the music signal.

Monocrystalline silver is not only inherently high-purity and has excellent conductivity, it also consists of a single crystal. This means that distortions and interference do not stand a chance when jumping from crystal to crystal. This is made possible by the special manufacturing process. Usually, the cable is drawn to the desired length when cold, which inevitably results in cracks in the material. With monocrystalline silver, on the other hand, the silver is cast to the desired length, resulting in a fracture-free, transition-free connection.

Excellent conductivity without transmission losses is guaranteed.
224 individual conductors, 56 strands, 7 wires, 4 cables, 1 result - Excellent sound

FiiO LCD 2.5D inner conductor

Each of the four individual cables consists of eight individual strands. Each of these strands in turn consists of seven individual wires, which are electrically insulated from each other by a sheath. Thus, a total of 224 individual conductors made of pure silver are involved in the perfect sound experience.

An effort that is immediately audible.
Outer skin made of medical-grade PVC - For long-lasting, carefree fun

FiiO LC 2.5D jacket

The cable's jacket not only feels soft and comfortable, it is also environmentally friendly, robust and protects against annoying microphonics.

This is made possible by the use of PVC, which meets the strict requirements for use in medical applications. A good feeling is therefore guaranteed.
Listen to music like a pro - With over-ear cable management

FiiO LC 2.5D ear hooks

Once you've tried headphones with the intelligent over-ear cable guide, you won't want to wear "normal" headphones again.

With the smart cable guide, your ears are relieved of the weight of the in-ear headphones, while at the same time the headphones are held in place, even when things get busy. For example, at the gym, while jogging or even at work.
Compatible with many high-quality headphones - thanks to 0.78 mm connector

FiiO LC 2.5D connector

Alongside the MMCX connector, the 0.78 mm connector has established itself as the standard for high-quality headphones.

With the FiiO LS 2.5D/3.5D/4.4D you get much more than just a standard cable, you treat yourself to a first-class upgrade.
2.5 mm balanced, 3.5 mm single ended or 4.4 mm balanced? - You decide

FiiO LC 2.5D in three versions

This cable is available in three different versions. All you have to do is decide which version it should be. There is:

2.5 balanced - the mobile, balanced standard

3.5 mm single ended - fits almost every portable music player

4.4 mm balanced - the connection variant for professionals

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