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ddHifi C-2020 ddHifi C-2020
Ein transportabler Begleiter speziell für Audiophile Ausgestattet mit Handgelenk- und Schultergurt Außen: 1680D doppellagiges Bicolor-Material aus Südkorea und gewachstes Leder aus Italien Innen: Nylon Abmessungen: 240 x 170 x 80 mm...
€56.90 *
ddHifi TC35C ddHifi TC35C
Lightning to 3.5mm jack
€59.90 *
ddHifi TC44A ddHifi TC44A
Apple Lightning to 4.4 mm balanced jack adapter DAC: CS43131 Output power: 60mW (32Ω) PCM: 32bit/384kHz DSD: Native up to 256 Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz THD+N: SNR: > 120dB Dimensions: 18.5 x 21 x 12 mm (L/W/H) Weight: 5,5g
€79.90 *
ddHifi C2022 ddHifi C2022
Outdoor bag 160(H) x 150(W) x 120(D) mm, approx. 250g
€49.00 *
ddHifi DJ65A ddHifi DJ65A
DDHifi - The specialist for high quality audio connections DDHifi DJ65A - 3.5mm jack to 6.35mm plug Nearly non-magnetic and high purity copper to avoid interference and with 24K gold plated contacts. The internal solder points have been...
€32.90 *
ddHifi DJ44AR ddHifi DJ44AR
2.5 mm balanced jack to 4.4 mm balanced plug Weight: approx. 4.3 g Dimensions (L x W x D)*: 16.5mm x 13mm x 8.5mm *Dimensions do not include the plug. Material: Transparent shell (PC) Metal case (coated 316 stainless steel) Plug...
€29.90 *
ddHifi DJ35AR ddHifi DJ35AR
2.5 mm balanced jack to 3.5 mm plug Weight: approx. 3.3 g Dimensions (L x W x D)*: 10mm x 13mm x 8.5mm *Dimensions do not include the plug. Material: Transparent shell (PC) Metal case (coated 316 stainless steel) Plug (rhodium-plated...
€29.90 *
ddHifi BC50B ddHifi BC50B
Das Kabel besteht aus zwei paarweise verdrillten Adern mit einem Außendurchmesser von jeweils 2,0 mm. Jede Ader besteht aus 80 Litzen, die mit einem Durchmesser von 0,05 mm dimensioniert sind. Der Leiter besteht ausversilbertem,...
€49.90 *
ddHifi C80B ddHifi C80B
Genuine leather storage case Dimensions: 80x80x35mm Inner width: 23mm Weight: 48g The C80B uses ddHiFi's newly developed fine-grained first layer cowhide leather, which is well-distributed and smooth. The oil layer on the surface is...
€29.90 *
ddHifi DJ44C2 2021 ddHifi DJ44C2 2021
ddHiFi DJ44C - High-quality conversion from 4.4 mm to 3.5 mm The ddHiFi DJ44C adapter in summary: The DJ44C adapter from ddHiFi is a high-quality conversion from 4.4 mm balanced jack to 3.5 mm jack. The high-quality stainless steel...
€35.99 *
ddHifi TC35i 2022 ddHifi TC35i 2022
Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter
€49.90 *
ddHifi TC25i ddHifi TC25i
Lightning to 2.5mm balanced headphone jack
€42.00 *
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