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FiiO K9 - Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier High performance ES9068AS*2 DAC THX AAA... more
Product information "FiiO K9"

FiiO K9 - Desktop DAC and Headphone Amplifier

  • High performance ES9068AS*2 DAC
  • THX AAA 788+ amplifier | Dual-mode clock management
  • QCC5124 Bluetooth | LDAC/aptX Adaptive and other high-res Bluetooth format support | App connectivity
  • Truly balanced design | Dual-voltage linear transformer | Variety of inputs and outputs

High-performance dual cores - For soul-shaking sound
Two ES9068AS DACs handle the left and right channels, and make up the high-quality "core" of the K9. Listen to your favorite playlist and be instantly immersed in the music.

High-end amplifier - Refreshingly capable
The FiiO K9's ace up its sleeve is the THX AAA 788+ amplifier, giving it an extraordinary 1% undistorted power output up to 780mW at 300Ω and up to 2000mW at 32Ω. No matter if you use low-impedance or high-impedance headphones, the K9 will drive it with aplomb.

Precisely designed - Fully balanced design - Music to your ears
From the DAC, to the volume adjustment, to the amplification, every part of the K9 is truly balanced for greatly reduced crosstalk and more authentic sound.

Partitioned design - For max performance of each section
The PCB of the K9 features a partitioned layout, fully separating the major sections of the audio circuit – the power supply, signals, and analog signal loop. This guarantees the integrity of the audio signal being processed.

Six-stage audio circuit - Faithfully reproducing sound
The desktop-grade six-stage audio circuit was meticulously designed to ensure a pure, delicate yet rich sound.
I/V conversion, LPF filter, digital volume adjustment, buffer amplifier, pre-amplifier, post-stage drive

Electricity is the mother of sound - Robust power supply - Ample power
The linear transformer is paired with 4 massive 4700uF capacitors to provide clean continuous power.

Isolated digital and analog section power supply - For purer sound
The digital and analog portions of the K9 receive power separately to reduce interference between the two audio circuits, for pure and faithful reproduction of your music.

Multiple LDOs in multiple stages - Truly stable power
The power stabilization and filtering within the audio circuit plays a big part in ensuring excellent sound quality. Each stage of the audio circuit employs ultra-low-noise LDOs for voltage regulation.

Dual-mode clock management - Even more improvement to sound
Accurate and stable dual-mode clock management allows the K9 to easily play back high-resolution audio with the greatest fidelity, as if you were there with the performing artists.
* Supports up to 768kHz/32bit PCM and DSD512

MQA rendering - Lossless reproduction
The K9 supports rendering MQA tracks, allowing you to take reasonably-sized files and unleash the master-level sound quality within.

High-res Bluetooth - Adept at all of your audiovisual needs
The K9 employs the QCC5124 Bluetooth chip with support for LDAC/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive and other high-res Bluetooth formats. With the K9, you can listen to music, watch videos, and play video games with high quality and low latency.
*Bluetooth 5.1, supported formats: LDAC/aptX Adaptive/aptX/aptX HD/aptX LL/AAC/SBC

Compatible with UAC1.0/UAC2.0 . Highly adaptable
The K9 supports both UAC1.0 and UAC2.0 modes, allowing you to use the K9 with either devices that are simply plug-and-play or with devices that can work with the K9 with an additional driver for even better compatibility. And the FiiO Control App allows you to easily switch between UAC1.0 and UAC2.0 modes.
*UAC1.0 for PS5 and other device support

Comprehensively capable - No matter where you look
Inputs: USB, optical, coaxial, RCA, 4.4mm
Outputs: 6.35mm SE, 4.4mm balanced, XLR-4 balanced
Five input signals: USB input/optical/coaxial/LINE/Bluetooth
*LINE mode includes RCA and 4.4mm input. If both are connected, the 4.4mm input is prioritized.
Three output modes: LO/PRE/PO
LO: Only the rear RCA+XLR analog outputs are active, at max output and cannot be adjusted by the volume knob;
PRE: Only the rear RCA+XLR analog outputs are active, and can be adjusted by the volume knob;
PO: Only the front headphone outputs are active, and can be adjusted by the volume knob
Three levels of hardware gain: High/Medium/Low
L level for low gain is designed to better pair with sensitive in-ear earphones; H level for high gain is designed to better drive lower sensitivity over-ear headphones.

Neatly handsome - Horizontal or vertical
The K9 adopts the well-received design language of other FiiO desktop units, and features an all-aluminum construction made from an integrated stretching + CNC process to ensure the body's strength and precise finish. And with the vertical stand, the K9 can be used either vertically or horizontally, allowing it to become a versatile part of your desktop setup.

A weighty feel - For a weighty sound
The iconic, weighty FiiO volume knob is powered by ADC curve reconstruction to allow you to precisely and smoothly adjust through 120 levels of volume, with minimal noise and volume deviation between the left and right channels.  

Light it up - Let the high-res music commence
Not only do the RGB lights around the knobs give the K9 and the desk space around it some fun personality, they also conveniently indicate the current audio sampling rate and Bluetooth format.
*Bluetooth format indicator:
SBC: Blue, AAC: Cyan, aptX HD: Yellow, aptX: Purple, aptX LL: Purple, LDAC: White, aptX Adaptive: Green

Professional PEQ - For what you love
Through the FiiO Control app, you can quickly switch between 7 music tuning styles preset on the K9. If the selected tuning style fits the music you are listening to, you can acquire a more vivid and pleasant experience. If the preset tuning style is not to your liking, the 3 self-define PEQ (Parametric Equalizer) designs will help to fine adjust to your favorite listening style.
*This function is only valid for Bluetooth decoding.

To show off your skills - One app is enough
You can connect the K9 to your phone via Bluetooth, and with the addition of the FiiO Control app you get access to even more functionality. Adjust various settings such as filters, status indicators, EQ, and channel balance to exactly your liking.
*EQ only works in Bluetooth mode.

Multiple intelligent protection systems - Always ready to go
Three intelligent protection systems – preventing overheating, overload, and DC protection – constantly make sure that the K9 delivers high-energy music without wearing itself out. Listen worry-free with the K9!

Immerse yourself in fabulous music
Connect via USB cable to a desktop or notebook computer
Connect to a phone via USB-B to Type-C cable
Connect to a phone, tablet, etc. via Bluetooth
Connect to a desktop digital player
Connect to external amplifiers or active speakers

Basic specifications
DAC: ES9068AS*2
Decoding chip: XMOS XUF 208
Amplifier: Dual THX AAA 788+
Bluetooth chip: QCC5124, Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth format support: LDAC/atpX Adaptive/aptX HD/aptX/aptX LL/AAC/SBC
Outputs: 6.35mm/4.4mm/XLR-4/RCA/XLR
Inputs: USB/OPT/COAX/RCA/4.4mm
Output power 1: L+R≥2000mW+2000mW (32Ω balanced/THD+N<1%)
Output power 2: L+R≥780mW+780mW (300Ω balanced/THD+N<1%)
SNR: ≥124dB (A-weighted, UAC)
Noise floor: PO<4.8μV (A-weighted, UAC); BAL<9.3μV (A-weighted, UAC)
Output impedance: <1Ω (32Ω load)
Weight: About 2660g
Dimensions: 200x224.5x72mm (excluding feet)

Abundant accessories
K9*1, Power cord*1, Headphone plug adapter*1, USB data cable*1, Feet pads*6, Fuse*1, Stand*1, Quick start guide*1, Voltage selection card*1


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