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FiiO K11 DAC/Amp for the desktop     Fully balanced design of DAC and... more
Product information "FiiO K11"

FiiO K11 DAC/Amp for the desktop

  •     Fully balanced design of DAC and amplifier
  •     Powerful output with 1.4 W
  •     3-stage adjustable gain
  •     High-quality CS43198 DAC chipset
  •     Supports up to 384kHz/32Bit PCM and native DSD256 signals
  •     Specially developed low-noise power supply unit
  •     Adjustable RGB logo illumination
  •     Multi-function knob
  •     Driver-free USB DAC mode
  •     Multiple input/output options
  •     Compact and ergonomic design
  •     Compatible with gaming consoles (PS5, Nintendo Switch, etc)

The FiiO K11 is a brand new USB DAC/AMP with a fully balanced design. It is equipped with the powerful 32-bit CS43198 DAC, which provides exceptional high-resolution PCM and DSD signal decoding. It is equipped with a range of input and output options, including USB, coaxial and optical inputs, as well as 4.4mm, 6.35mm and RCA output options. The FiiO K11 is a desktop DAC/AMP that can be easily used with a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones and even gaming consoles such as PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate performance with premium audio circuitry
Over the years, FiiO has developed and launched several successful USB DAC/AMP models. The latest model, the FiiO K11, features specially designed audio circuitry that promises premium audio performance. The K11 is equipped with a powerful CS43198 DAC chipset that offers ultimate performance in decoding high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 audio signals.

Multiple input/output options
The FiiO K11 offers multiple input and output options. Digital inputs via coaxial, optical and USB input modes and the following analogue outputs: balanced 4.4mm, unbalanced 6.35mm and analogue RCA outputs. With the K11, you can easily meet your needs for a powerful audio setup at an affordable price.

Simple USB input with worry-free driver-free operation
The FiiO K11 USB DAC/AMP supports hassle-free USB connection to a wide range of devices. It can be operated without any driver installation. The K11 supports a wide range of devices including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets and even gaming consoles (PS5, Nintendo Switch, etc.).

High-performance amplifier section with three-stage gain
The FiiO K11 is a high performance USB DAC/AMP. The unit is equipped with a powerful headphone amplifier section with three gain stages, delivering a powerful output power of up to 1400mW at 32Ω impedance load via the balanced connector output. It can drive most headphones and in-ear monitors with ease.

Specially designed low-noise power supply
The FiiO K11 is equipped with a specially designed low-noise power supply. Using more than 16 low-noise LDOs for precise voltage stabilisation and an external 12 V power supply, the K11 achieves robust performance with stable power to all areas of the audio circuit.

Perfectly clear screen
The FiiO K11 is equipped with a high-contrast, durable VA display. It displays the active sample rate, volume level, gain level and activated output mode.

Adjustable RGB logo
The FiiO logo on the top of the K11 DAC/AMP has an RGB illuminated design. It lights up in different colours depending on the active file bit rate. Brightness, colour and light pattern can be adjusted using the multi-function knob.

Multi-function button control
The FiiO K11 has a minimalist design with a multi-function button. This button can serve as a power button, volume control, menu exploration, screen control, etc. Users can also switch between line-out and phone-out mode by simply double pressing the button.


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Spezifikationen Hauptsteuerchip (Einzelchip-Mikrocomputer): GD32F303RET6 DAC:... more


  • Hauptsteuerchip (Einzelchip-Mikrocomputer): GD32F303RET6
  • DAC: CS43198
  • Unterstützte Audioformate: 384 kHz/32 Bit PCM, DSD256
  • USB-Anschluss: Typ-C
  • Anzeigetyp: Benutzerdefinierte VA
  • Abmessungen: 147×133×32,3 mm (einschließlich Füße)
  • Gewicht: ca. 407 g
  • Stromversorgung: DC12V 2A externer Adapter
  • SE-Leistungsausgang 1: L+R≥520mW +520mW (32Ω, THD+N <1%)
  • (32 Ω/single-ended/hohe Verstärkung)
  • SE-Leistungsausgang 2: L+R≥60mW+60mW (300Ω, THD+N <1%)
  • (300 Ω/single-ended/hohe Verstärkung)
  • BAL-Leistungsausgang 1: L+R≥1400mW+ 1400mW (32Ω, THD+N<1%)
  • (32 Ω/symmetrisch/hohe Verstärkung)
  • BAL-Leistungsausgang 2: L+R≥250mW+250mW (300Ω, THD+N < 1%)
  • (300 Ω/symmetrisch/hohe Verstärkung)
  • Frequenzgang: 20 Hz ~ 50 kHz (Dämpfung <0,2 dB)
  • SNR: ≥123 dB (A-gewichtet)
  • Grundrauschen: PO < 2,8 uV (A-gewichtet); BAL < 4,9 uV (A-gewichtet)
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: PO < 1,2 Ω (32 Ω Last); BAL < 2,41 Ω (32 Ω Last)
  • THD+N: LO < 0,00035 % (1 kHz/10 kΩ)
Spezifikationen Hauptsteuerchip (Einzelchip-Mikrocomputer): GD32F303RET6 DAC:... more
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