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  FiiO R7 - Desktop HiFi Streaming Center - Transmitter/Decoder/Amplifier/Preamplifier in... more
Product information "FiiO R7"

 FiiO R7 - Desktop HiFi Streaming Center - Transmitter/Decoder/Amplifier/Preamplifier in One Unit


  •      Full range of inputs and outputs
  •     Four output modes
  •     Eight operating modes including Roon Ready
  •     Dual DC/AC power supply
  •     ES9068AS+THX AAA 788+*2 design
  •     Five gain levels
  •     3 W output power
  •     Portrait Media Streaming Design
  •     Snapdragon 660+Android 10
  •     Customisable RGB lighting
  •     Ethernet connection
  •     Personalised screensaver
  •     Exclusive DP mode
  •     Two USB ports


 The key to a brand new world of desktop hi-fi experience

 The FiiO R7 combines transmitter/decoder/amplifier/pre-amplifier and media playback functions in one unit. Along with numerous connections and expansion options, and a wide range of operating modes. The R7 gives you an attractive-looking, easy-to-use and great-sounding desktop hi-fi experience.

 Extensive choice of inputs and outputs

 The FiiO R7 offers connectivity options that go far beyond what you would expect. So you can quickly and easily build a desktop hi-fi system with the R7 at its heart.


     6.35 mm headphone output

    4.4 mm output for balanced headphones

    Four-pin balanced XLR headphone output

 Rear panel:

     RCA line output*2

    Three-pole balanced XLR line output

    Coaxial output

    Coaxial input

    Optical output

    Optical input

    Ethernet: for wired connection to a network

    USB HOST interface: supports external USB devices such as external decoders/hard drives/keyboards/expansion hubs

    Type-C connector (USB 3.0): supports data transfer, DP output mode, USB DAC and USB HOST-related functions

    Micro SD card slots: Stored in a micro-SD card holder, supports up to 2TB micro-SD cards.

    AC/DC power switch for operating different power modes: DC power input for external DC power supply, with 12V-3A (FiiO PL50 sold separately)

    Built-in AC power supply

    AC power switch on/off

    WiFi/Bluetooth antenna

 Many outputs with just a turn of a knob

 No hassle of plugging and unplugging cables as you can easily switch between PO/LO/PRE OUT/PO+PRE OUT outputs with the turn of a knob.

 PO: Only the front audio outputs are active

 LO: Only the rear audio outputs are active (fixed to the maximum output power)

 PRE OUT: Only the rear audio outputs are active (adjustable volume)

 PO+PRE OUT (default): both front audio outputs + rear audio outputs (adjustable volume) are active

 Multiple modes - For even more exceptional experiences

 Android mode: enjoy third-party apps such as major streaming services

 Pure Music Mode: Exclusive FiiO Pure Music mode, for a more immersive music experience

 USB DAC mode: Improve the sound of computers/phones by connecting them as decoders.

 Bluetooth receiver mode: Supports LDAC/SBC/AAC and makes it easy to hear great sound

 AirPlay receiver mode: Connect iPhone/iPad and other iOS devices wirelessly, greatly improving sound quality

 Roon Ready mode: Roon Ready certified, so you get an ergonomic player in seconds

 Coaxial/optical decoding mode: With the ability to receive optical/coaxial signals, the FiiO R7 transforms into a powerful decoder.

 Convenient, intuitive and almost endless options

 The FiiO R7 is unique in that it is easy to use and offers an amazing number of listening options. When listening to music streaming apps, you can easily switch between headphones and speakers or any other output mode. Conveniently listen to songs stored locally on the R7 - thanks to built-in memory and micro SD card support - or receive Bluetooth audio from your phone - with support for high-resolution Bluetooth audio formats.

 With the R7, you can really listen the way you want. R7 supports micro SD cards up to 2 TB and comes with a micro SD card holder.

 R7 features Bluetooth 5.0; supports reception of SBC/AAC/LDAC; supports transmission of SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC/LHDC.

 Possible setups

 R7 + headphones Connect the R7 to the FT3 or other headphones via the balanced XLR and 4.4 mm outputs or the unbalanced 6.3 mm output for faithful music reproduction.

 R7 + powered speakers Connect the R7 to the FiiO SP3 or other speakers via the XLR, RCA single-ended, USB, coaxial or optical connections and enjoy truly immersive three-dimensional sound in a large soundstage.

 R7 + Headphones+Active Speakers The R7 can serve as a convenient hub for connecting speakers and headphones. Turn the knob to conveniently switch between hearing aids by changing the output mode. PO - headphones; PRE OUT - speakers; PO+PRE OUT - headphones + speakers (simultaneously).

 A complete Hi-Fi desktop setup

 Using the KB1 keyboard and PL50 linear power supply, you can exploit the full potential of the R7 and experience a complete FiiO HiFi desktop system at the highest level.

Time to be your own DJ

The R7 can act as a control centre for accessing your music when connected to a NAS and playing music via DLNA. The R7 is Roon Ready certified, allowing you to access music from a ROON CORE source such as a NAS or computer. And if that's not enough, the R7 itself can act as a network music server as it is compatible with DLNA broadcast protocols. Using DLNA, you can access the music in the R7's internal memory, micro SD cards and even tracks on a connected external portable drive on another device.

FiiO HiFi Desktop Experience Version 1.0

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced audiophile, you can easily put together a desktop hi-fi system with the R7. You can also synergistically combine the R7 with other FiiO products to further enhance your listening experience for a completely new and refreshing desktop hi-fi experience.

More power The pursuit of great sound

4th generation FPGA with phase-locked loop clock technology + 2 femtosecond crystal oscillators Enables a high-precision, low-jitter unified clock source for clean and stable sound.

Specially optimised audio circuit design - The R7 uses an ES9068AS DAC in conjunction with a pair of THX AAA 788+ headphone amplifiers. There are also other high-quality components inside the R7, such as four Panasonic PPS film capacitors. No expense has been spared in using high-quality components to ensure that the R7 faithfully reproduces your audio.

5 gain stages, 3 W output power

The R7 has five gain levels: low/medium/high/over-ear headphone/boosted over-ear headphone mode. With a 32-Ω load in extended over-ear headphone mode, the R7 is capable of outputting up to 3 W, more than enough to drive low- and high-impedance headphones.

Electricity is the Root of Good Sound - Dual DC/AC Power Supply

Inside the R7 is a 30W switching power supply. The AC input circuit is filtered and cleaned by a large capacitance choke and special high voltage capacitors. The DC input circuit is a ±12V high-voltage power supply. Both circuits contribute to the robustness of the power supply system to enhance the dynamic sound of your music. The R7 can also be used with external DC power supplies such as the FiiO PL50 linear power supply or other power supplies to give your sound an even purer, blacker background to really bring out the musical details.

*Only external 12V-3A DC power supplies are supported.

High quality components

The twelve 470uF tantalum capacitors help regulate and clean the current in the PSU, reducing the noise of the PSU. In addition, the specially designed metal cover secures the transformer to the main PSU board, reducing PSU jitter and providing more stable performance.

Power supply design with multiple LDOs

Thanks to power stabilisation and filtering, due in part to the use of ultra-low noise LDOs in each stage of the audio circuitry to regulate voltage, the R7 is continuously supplied with stable, clean power.

Bold design - exploring new form factors

As early as 3 years ago, we started thinking about how to design a streaming media player that would be ideal for even the smallest of workspaces. For a year, we explored numerous form factors, such as a horizontal, foldable or even rotatable screen. For each form factor, we built a specially optimised and handmade prototype to really fully explore the pros and cons. After numerous field tests and a lot of experience, we decided on the R7, which has a portrait display in an elegant and compact housing. With the R7, we want to usher in a new era of desktop hi-fi experience.

Portrait Screen - New Innovative Highlights

With a 5.0-inch high-definition display and Android operating system, the R7 lets you enjoy essential streaming services and other third-party apps like never before.

Every part Well thought out

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 - Robust "core", silky smooth experience.

Android 10 - Install a variety of apps, just like on any smartphone

Personalised screensaver - Analogue clock, digital clock

RGB lights - Customisable effects, brightness and device status display

100-megabit Ethernet connection - No more WiFi interference, enjoy a fast and stable connection

Digital jukebox - Connect to an external decoder via optical/coaxial/USB outputs

Exclusive DP mode - Connect to an external display for even more realistic music videos and movies

Two USB ports - for even more functionality 5G+2.4G dual-band Wi-Fi Faster and more stable connections Touch buttons Three customisable touch buttons

Basic specifications

Colour: Black/White

SoC: Snapdragon 660


Amplifier: THX AAA 788+ *2

Supported audio formats: 384kHz-32bit PCM, DSD256

USB ports: Type-C USB3.0, USB-A

Display: 5.0-inch FHD+ high-definition display

Output power 1: 3000mW (32Ω/balanced/amplified over-ear headphone mode).

Output power 2: 630mW (300Ω/balanced/amplified over-ear headphone mode)

Frequency response: 20Hz~90kHz (-3dB)

SNR: ≥122dB (A-weighted)

Ground noise: LO≤1.5μV (A-weighted); PO≤4μV (A-weighted); BAL LO≤2.4μV (A-weighted): BAL≤5.5μV (A-weighted)

Output impedance: 1Ω (32Ω load)

THD+N: ≤0.0004% (1kHz/32kΩ)

Dimensions: 110*160*134mm

Weight: 1.3kg

Wide range of accessories

1 x R7

6.35mm adapter

Power cable

USB data cable

Micro SD card holder

Base /, double-sided adhesive tape for base


Quick start guide



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Spezifikationen Farbe: Schwarz/Weiß SoC: Snapdragon 660 DAC: ES9068AS Verstärker:... more


  • Farbe: Schwarz/Weiß
  • SoC: Snapdragon 660
  • DAC: ES9068AS
  • Verstärker: THX AAA 788+ *2
  • Unterstützte Audioformate: 384kHz-32bit PCM, DSD256
  • USB-Anschlüsse: Typ-C USB3.0, USB-A
  • Display: 5,0-Zoll FHD+ High-Definition-Display
  • Ausgangsleistung 1: 3000mW (32Ω/symmetrisch/verstärkter Over-Ear-Kopfhörermodus)
  • Ausgangsleistung 2: 630mW (300Ω/ausgeglichener/verstärkter Over-Ear-Kopfhörermodus)
  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz~90kHz (-3dB)
  • SNR: ≥122dB (A-bewertet)
  • Grundrauschen: LO≤1.5μV (A-bewertet); PO≤4μV (A-bewertet); BAL LO≤2.4μV (A-bewertet): BAL≤5.5μV (A-bewertet)
  • Ausgangsimpedanz: <1Ω (32Ω Last)
  • THD+N: ≤0,0004% (1kHz/32kΩ)
  • Abmessungen: 110*160*134mm
  • Gewicht: 1,3kg
Spezifikationen Farbe: Schwarz/Weiß SoC: Snapdragon 660 DAC: ES9068AS Verstärker:... more
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