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FiiO BTR7 - Portable Bluetooth amplifier at its best The FiiO BTR7 portable Bluetooth amplifier in summary: Listening to music on the go in the best quality is actually quite simple. With the right headphones and a portable Bluetooth...
€229.00 *
FiiO FW5 FiiO FW5
Built-in independent DAC chip AK4432 High-end Bluetooth chip QCC5141 Hi-Res Wireless Certification 1 Dynamic 2 BA Drivers 10mm Large Size Dynamic driver DLC Material Diaphragm PU edgeDiaphragm 2 Knowles BA drivers LHDC/aptX Adaptive...
€229.00 *
FiiO FF3 FiiO FF3
"Waist drum" shape double low frequency resonance cavity 316L stainless steel polished shell 14.2mm large size LCP diaphragm beryllium plated diaphragm + PU edge black copper-clad aluminum ultra-fine voice coil High-purity...
€89.00 *
FiiO HB-M17 FiiO HB-M17
Begrenzte Abgabe: Nur ein Stück pro Kunde Um ein komfortableres Druckgefühl der physischen Tasten und eine bessere Abstimmung mit der Ledertasche zu erreichen, hat FiiO ein Gummipad entwickelt, das durch eine spezielle Form für die...
€0.50 *
FiiO KA1 FiiO KA1
FiiO KA1 A Compact and Portable Digital-to-Analogue Converter The FiiO KA1, whose heart is the ESS DAC ES9281AC Pro, is available in two variants. Firstly in the classic USB-C configuration and also in the Lightning variant for Apple...
From €49.00 *
FiiO LC-RD Pro FiiO LC-RD Pro
The standard FiiO FH9 headphone cable you've all been waiting for is finally available separately! The FiiO LC-RD Pro is an 8-core cable with 224 strands of high-purity sterling silver. As usual, the plugs are interchangeable between...
€149.00 *
FiiO KA3 FiiO KA3
FiiO KA3: Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier With the FiiO KA3, the manufacturer FiiO Electronics Technology Inc. Co. presents a particularly compact and portable USB DAC. The ultra-portable D/A converter has an integrated...
€89.90 *
USB-A to USB-B audio cable made of high-purity, tin-plated, monocrystalline copper sheathed with high quality braided nylon fabric Gold-plated connectors with titanium-coloured aluminium alloy housing length approx. 100 cm
€14.90 *
FiiO M11 Plus FiiO M11 Plus
The highlights of the FiiO M11 Plus at a glance: Committed to first-class sound - 2x ESS ES9068AS integrated 8-core Snapdragon 660 processor on board - Powerful and energy-efficient at the same time THX AAA amplification - Fully balanced...
€669.00 * €699.00 *
FiiO JD3 FiiO JD3
Single Dynamic Driver IEMS
€19.90 *
FiiO JH3 FiiO JH3
FiiO JH3 One dynamic and two balanced armature drivers work in the FiiO JH3 - Optimised 13.6mm diameter dynamic driver - Two matched BA drivers for incredible high resolution - Gold-plated 2-pin connectors for an ideal connection -...
€69.90 *
Der FiiO UTWS5 in der Zusammenfassung: Es gibt einen neuen Herausforderer unter den True Wireless Bluetooth-Kopfhörerverstärkern! Der FiiO UTWS5 kann nicht nur dank MMCX- oder 0,78 mm 2-Pin-Anschluss mit nahezu jedem am Markt...
€139.00 *
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