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FiiO KB1K - Mechanisches Keypad Bietet dieselben Funktionalitäten wir das KB1, sitzt jedoch in einem Kunststoffgehäuse Funktionen Steuern Sie Ihren DAC/Player/Software Programmierbare Knöpfe Das schwarze Kunststoffgehäuse in Verbindung...
€14.90 *
FiiO Q11 FiiO Q11
FiiO Q11 - Portable DAC and Headphone Amplifier Powerful CS43198 Dgitial Analogue Converter PCM 384kHz/32bit / DSD256 650mW output power Ambient light window, colour varies with sampling rate 2600mAh large battery 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs...
€99.00 *
FiiO FF5 FiiO FF5
FiiO FF5 Earbuds with detachable cable and carbon-based dynamic drivers Large 14.2 mm dynamic driver PU seal + carbon-based diaphragm Extended acoustic bass resistance tubes 4-core, 392-wire silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable...
€119.00 *
FiiO FH15 FiiO FH15
FiiO FH15 - the new hybrid IEM benchmark Well-founded breakthroughs from more than 1570 days of development time 1 dynamic, 3 BA driver 10mm dynamic carbon-based cone driver Knowles BA CNC aluminium alloy construction Notch filter...
€249.00 *
FiiO HS18 FiiO HS18
FiiO silicone earplug HS18 Supports nozzle diameters from 5mm to 6.5mm (for example: FH7S/FH7/FD5/FH9) 0.4 mm thick outer shell Medical grade silicone 3 sizes Double pack of 3 (6 pairs) two pairs each in sizes S/M/L 0.4 mm thick outer...
€9.90 *
FiiO KB1 FiiO KB1
FiiO KB1 – Mechanical Keypad KB1 with new debut The new black color adoned with the new FiiO log, gives some serious style to the useful yet fun KB1 keypad. Masterfully crafted in all aspects The KB1 is made of durable, CNC-processed...
€29.90 *
FiiO SK-M11s FiiO SK-M11s
Case für FiiO M11s
€29.90 *
FiiO LF-RB MMCX Kopfhörerkabel mit Magnetverschluss Beim FiiO LF-RB kommt erstmals ein neuartiges Verschlussystem der Stecker zum Einsatz. Diese werden über einen Magnetverschluss miteinander verbunden. Das erleichtert nicht nur das...
€59.00 *
FiiO Q7 FiiO Q7
FiiO Q7 - Flaggship DAC and Headphone Amplifier Flagship ESS ES9038Pro DAC Chipset. Supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and Native DSD256 signals. Dual THX AAA 788+ Headphone Amp Circuits. Latest XMOS XU316 USB Processor....
€799.00 *
FiiO K7 FiiO K7
FiiO K7 - Digital Analog Converter and Headphone and Preamplifier A new baseline for balanced desktop sound Balanced headphone amplifier THX AAA 788+ amplifier technology Dual AK4493S digital to analog converters Multiple protection...
€229.00 *
FiiO M11s FiiO M11s
FiiO M11S - The essence of FiiO in one device. The FiiO M11S in summary: After a long time of waiting, FiiO finally releases another portable Hi-Res music player with the M11S. And what a player it is! High-quality yet practically...
€499.00 *
FiiO DK3s FiiO DK3s
FiiO DK3S multifunctional aluminum dock with switchable fan (USB-C powered, two speed selectable). Design with a cutout (7.2 x 2.1cm) in the support surface allows players with bottom-mounted jacks to be positioned on the dock. -Silicone...
€39.90 *
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