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FiiO FW3 10 Dynamic Driver - True Wireless - Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones... more
Product information "FiiO FW3"

FiiO FW3 10 Dynamic Driver - True Wireless - Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones

  •     Fully integrated Hi-Fi TWS design
  •     High quality DAC & AMP architecture
  •     Powerful AK4332 DAC chipset
  •     QCC5141 Bluetooth chipset from Qualcomm
  •     High-resolution Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity: LHDC, AptX Adaptive, AptX, SBC, AAC High-Res Wireless protocols
  •     Dynamic carbon-based driver unit (10 mm)
  •     10-band PEQ settings
  •     4 physical buttons
  •     Incredible battery life of up to 21 hours
  •     Specially tuned frequency response for a true Hi-Res experience
  •     Game-ready with low latency
  •     Lightweight and comfortable design

Enjoy your Hi-Res audio experience wirelessly with the all-new FiiO FW3. The FW3 is a fully integrated Hi-Fi TWS with built-in DAC& architecture. The FW3 features a high-performance AK4332 DAC and Qualcomm's latest QCC5141 Bluetooth chipset. You get full Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity with high-resolution LHDC, AptX Adaptive, AptX, etc. Codec support. FiiO has also equipped the FW3 with a 10-band PEQ function that allows users to optimise the output to their taste. By default, FiiO has tuned the FW3 for pure High-Resolution Audio clarity. With a battery life of up to 21 hours, you can enjoy hours of hi-fi music on a single charge.

Fully integrated hi-fi TWS headphones
The market for TWS is huge. What sets the FiiO FW3 apart from the crowd is its professional audio architecture, which offers listeners clear, high-resolution sound. The pair features an integrated AK4332 DAC and AMP chipset for clear signal decoding and a pure high-resolution experience.

Qualcomm's QCC5141 DAC chipset
To enable high-speed, low-latency Bluetooth connectivity, FiiO has equipped the FW3 with the latest Qualcomm QCC5141 Bluetooth chip, which supports full Bluetooth V5.2 connectivity. The FW3 feature leading high-resolution Bluetooth codecs such as LHDC, AptX Adaptive, AptX, etc. The LHDC format enables smooth streaming of signals up to 24bit/96kHz.

High-resolution sound with professional 10mm dynamic driver unit
Over the years, FiiO has gained experience in developing high-quality IEMs and audio accessories. With this experience, they have designed the FW3 for a pure High-Resolution Audio experience. It is equipped with a 10mm dynamic carbon-based driver unit. It promises premium audio performance with deep bass, clear mids and beautifully detailed highs.

Specially tuned for a true Hi-Res experience
FiiO has professionally tuned the FW3 TWS earphones to deliver a pure Hi-Res audio experience.

10-Band Parametric EQ Settings
The FiiO FW3 features 10-band Parametric EQ settings. This allows users to easily adjust the output to their preferences and desires. The 10-band EQ allows precise EQ settings with the desired frequency bands.

Gaming-grade performance with low latency
The FiiO FW3 is gaming-ready and features low latency with a sub-100ms latency. This makes it a suitable and ideal choice for watching movies or playing video games.

Incredible battery life
The FiiO FW3 TWS earphones have an amazing battery life of up to 21 hours. The earphones themselves last about 7 hours and with the charging case you get another 14 hours.


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