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FiiO FD5 - The diamond among in-ear headphones The FiiO FD5 in summary: The FiiO FD5 is the... more
Product information "FiiO FD5"

FiiO FD5 - The diamond among in-ear headphones

The FiiO FD5 in summary: The FiiO FD5 is the current flagship among the dynamic in-ear headphones in the FiiO range. The headphones also make their position clear straight away; with their high-quality stainless steel housing, the "Diamond-Like Carbon" diaphragm and many sophisticated details.
The highlights of the FiiO FD5 at a glance:

    Diamond-Like-Carbon - ultra-strong and lightweight membrane
    Integrated acoustic prism - For optimal time response
    "Volcanic field" built in - Deep, clean bass guaranteed
    Sound individually adjustable - With two sound tubes and many accessories
    Elegant and robust housing - Made of high-quality stainless steel

Diamond-like carbon meets beryllium - For highest sound purity

FiiO FD5 Diamond-like-CarbonThe diaphragm of any headphone has an almost impossible task: it must be as strong and resistant to distortion as possible, but also as light as possible in order to respond to impulses as quickly as possible and reproduce the music signal faithfully.

The Diamond-Like-Carbon diaphragm combines these two extremes and thus in itself provides a clear, balanced sound. But, we remember, the FiiO FD5 is the declared flagship in the manufacturer's line-up of dynamic headphones - and that's why they don't leave it at that. Instead, an additional layer of beryllium is added to the extremely strong and hard diaphragm. On the one hand, this material is also extremely stiff, but it has another very important property: high internal damping.

And it is precisely this high internal damping that ensures that distortions in the 12 millimetre diaphragm in the headphones have virtually no chance. And so all that remains is good music.
Optimum sound distribution guaranteed - thanks to acoustic prism

FiiO FD5 Acoustic Prism

Sound waves of different frequencies have different speeds - and as a result, acoustic imaging and stage presentation suffer.

To prevent this from happening in the FiiO FD5, FiiO has installed an acoustic prism in front of the driver, which optimally focuses the airflow and effectively avoids standing waves. A sound you have to experience for yourself.
No chance for standing waves - but for clear, precise bass

FiiO FD5 with Volcanic Field

The "Volcanic Field" on the back of the FiiO FD5 ensures that the pressure in the cabinet is equalised quickly and efficiently.

The advantage of this? Distortion in the bass is effectively prevented and the headphones are always comfortable in the ear, even during long listening sessions.
Tube sound with a difference - and replaceable with a flick of the wrist

FiiO FD5 with tubes

Sound is a very personal matter. And as much effort as FiiO puts into guaranteeing excellent sound, they don't know what that means for you personally. But with the two interchangeable sound tubes, you don't have to, because it's up to you.

The thicker of the two tubes is recommended for all lovers of lively, rather bass-emphasised sound. The thinner tube, on the other hand, provides an absolutely neutral, balanced sound*.

Neutral or fun? You decide.

*When using the thinner tube, only the vocal ear tips and the triple flange ear tips can be used.
High purity silver in the complete headphone cable - Uncompromising quality

FiiO FD5 headphone cable

When it comes to music, every detail counts. Like, for example, the 1.20 metre long headphone cable used. FiiO knows this and makes no compromises. For the connection from the plug to the headphones, 152 individual conductors made of monocrystalline silver-coated copper are used, all of which together ensure a lively and crystal-clear sound.

And to top it all off, the cable has not one, but three different connection options; 2.5 mm balanced jack, 3.5 mm jack and 4.4 mm balanced jack as well as MMCX connectors on the headphone side.
Stainless steel housing - Lightweight, robust and acoustically perfect

FiiO FD5 stainless steel case

Precisely crafted down to the last detail, the stainless steel case gives the FiiO FD5 an extra-special shine.

But not only that! At the same time, it can be perfectly adjusted, is pleasantly light and yet highly resistant, which means that unwanted resonances of the housing no longer stand a chance.
Accessories as far as the eye can see - something for every taste

FiiO FD5 accessories

Sound is individual, and so are the ear tips on the FiiO FD5. You have the choice of three different Ear Tips with bass accentuated character, balanced character and voice accentuated character. For noisy environments there are two pairs of Triple Flange Ear Tips (S and L) and for particularly sensitive ears two pairs of Foam Tips (S and L).

Also included: the practical FiiO HB5 storage box, the two sound tubes, a cleaning brush for cleaning after longer use and the Final MMCX ASSIST. Don't know about it? You'll learn to love it when you try to disconnect the MMCX cable from the headphones. Promise

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Technische Daten Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FD5 Frequenzumfang: 10 Hz – 40 kHz... more

Technische Daten

  • Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FD5
  • Frequenzumfang: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Wirkungsgrad: 109 dB
  • Impedanz: 32 Ohm
  • Kabellänge: 1,2 Meter
  • Gewicht: 11 Gramm (pro Ohrhörer ohne Kabel)
  • Farbe: Edelstahl
  • Konnektivität: 2,5 mm Klinke / 3,5 mm Klinke und 4,4 mm Klinke (per Adapter)
  • Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5 mm
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