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FiiO FDX - Anniversary sounds so beautiful! The FiiO FDX in summary: FiiO has its 14th birthday... more
Product information "FiiO FDX"

FiiO FDX - Anniversary sounds so beautiful!

The FiiO FDX in summary: FiiO has its 14th birthday and is giving itself and its fans a great-sounding present: the FiiO FDX! This gem is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and delights both eyes and ears with its beautiful looks and uncompromising technology.
The highlights of the FiiO FDX in-ear headphones at a glance:

    It pays to be quick - Limited to 1,000 units worldwide.
    A real piece of gold - 24-carat gold-plated housing
    Extra sparkle - Finished with 30 crystals per earphone
    For the purest sound - Drivers made of pure beryllium
    Top quality accessories - Exclusive headphone cable and wooden box

A once in a lifetime opportunity - Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide

FiiO is celebrating its 14th anniversary by giving itself a very special present: the FiiO FDX in-ear headphones.

And if you are not yet convinced by its appearance per se and have ordered this noble piece of jewellery, you should order at the latest when you are through with this text, because it is strictly limited to just 1,000 units worldwide. Of which Germany has only received a small portion. This is underlined once again by the individual serial numbers that each pair of headphones bears.
A real gem - with a gold housing coating

The developers and decision-makers at FiiO are extremely technology-focused and place great value on price/performance, but sometimes things can also be "senselessly beautiful". Like with the anniversary model FiiO FDX. Here, the housing is coated with 24 carat gold, which may not have any effect on the sound, but looks stunningly good and makes the headphones a noble eye-catcher and a real investment.
Crystal clear - a real highlight, both visually and sonically

To make the FDX really shine, FiiO not only polished it up, but also made it really shine. And that's with 30 diamond-like crystals embedded in three "wings" on each earphone. This turns the in-ear headphones into a crown jewel.
It's all a question of technology - dynamic driver made of pure beryllium

In-ear headphones are already small technical marvels. On such a small footprint, they should reproduce the full range, emotion and variety of music, transporting the listener into a world of sound, inspiring and immersing them in the music. From the highest heights to the deepest depths. All this only works when absolute masters of their trade have access to uncompromising technology and materials. Materials such as pure beryllium, which has to be manufactured and processed with extreme effort, but which is sonically beyond reproach.

And so the single dynamic driver is made of pure beryllium and thus weighs only a quarter of titanium, but at the same time is four times more resistant to distortion than steel. This means that a clear, pure and clean sound image is absolutely guaranteed and a real experience.
Everything in time - Acoustic Prism ensures highest precision

Sound waves of different frequencies have different speeds - and therefore hit your eardrum at different times. As a result, acoustic imaging and stage presentation usually suffer, and the sound image loses precision and accuracy.

FiiO meets this challenge in the FDX with a front prism in front of the driver, which channels the airflow perfectly and effectively avoids standing waves. And suddenly everything is back on track.
Balanced sound culture - with a semi-open cabinet

Of course, music should not only sound finely resolved, but also powerful. But as always, there is too much of a good thing, especially in the bass, where a lot of air has to be moved. Air that also accumulates in the cabinet.

That's why the FiiO FDX is realised as a semi-open design, to always maintain just the right balance between pressure and naturalness. This not only makes listening more fun - especially during long listening sessions - but also protects your sensitive hearing.

What does "good sound" actually mean? - You decide

Sound is a very personal matter. And as much effort as FiiO puts into guaranteeing excellent sound, they don't know what that means for you personally. But with the three interchangeable Sound Tubes, you don't have to, because from now on it's up to you.

You can choose between the red Sound Tube for crisper and fatter bass, the black Sound Tube for a neutral, balanced sound (pre-installed) and the green Sound Tube. The latter, together with the bi-flange or triple-flange ear tips that are also included, ensures maximum resolution and precision in the ultra-high frequency range.
Copper, silver and gold - and all that in the headphone cable

The consistency and dedication to the anniversary model does not end at the headphones themselves, but runs seamlessly through them. And that is meant literally, since we are talking about the headphone cable, which has a consistently high-quality design.

Copper, silver and gold come together to form a beautiful and powerful sounding cable with 240 individual conductors, which are wrapped in a jacket of medical-grade plastic.

And as if that were not enough, the practical benefits are added to all the beauty and purity. On the connection side, for example, you can decide in a flash whether it should be the 2.5 mm balanced jack, 4.4 mm balanced jack or rather the classic 3.5 mm jack connection. And on the headphone side, there's the familiar MMCX connector, which allows the headphone cable to be swiftly changed with a flick of the wrist (per earphone).
Even more accessories included - practical and intelligent

The sound of the FiiO FDX can already be adjusted using the two sound tubes supplied, but with the ear tips included in the scope of delivery, FiiO is taking the subject a big step further. And so you will also find three sets of Balanced Ear-Tips in sizes S, M and L in the package, three sets with bass tuning and three sets with more conciseness in the vocal range. Incidentally, the "package" is made of high-quality wood, which once again exudes a touch of luxury.

For very sensitive ears, there are two pairs of Foam Ear Tips, which adapt perfectly to the shape of your inner ear by means of body heat and ensure a perfect fit. Then there are three pairs of SpinFit ear tips (sizes S/M/L) and two pairs of triple-flange ear tips (sizes S and L).

Also included: a cleaning brush for cleaning after extended use and an MMCX assist tool. Don't you know this? You will learn to love it when you change the MMCX cable, because it makes the exchange even easier.

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 Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FDX Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5 mm... more

 Modellbezeichnung: FiiO FDX
Sound Tubes Durchmesser: 5 mm
Frequenzumfang: 10~40kHz
Wirkungsgrad: 111 dB/mW (@1KHz)
Impedanz: 50 Ω (@1KHz)
Kabellänge: 120 cm
Gewicht: Etwa 11 g (pro Ohrhörer, ohne Kabel)
Farbe: Gold
Konnektivität: 2,5 mm / 3,5 mm / 4,4 mm
EAN: 6953175740742
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