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FiiO JD7     Dynamic driver with dual magnetic circuit in a two-layer... more
Product information "FiiO JD7"

FiiO JD7

  •     Dynamic driver with dual magnetic circuit in a two-layer enclosure
  •     Better resonance control, with deeper bass
  •     Enhanced magnetic conductivity
  •     108dB sensitivity, for excellent sound even on smartphones
  •     Semi-crystalline PU polymer diaphragm - fast transients, rich voices
  •     Frequency response tuned to Harman curve - The JD7's sound is tuned to the Harman curve
  •     316L stainless steel construction - Superior materials for comfort and durability
  •     All-new, ultra-thin HS18 ear tips included - Only 0.4 mm thick for added comfort
  •     Semi-open design Eliminates pressure on the eardrum, protects hearing and ensures long fatigue-free listening
  •     HB1 storage case included Convenient for on-the-go use to keep your earphones protected at all times
  •     Dynamic driver with dual magnetic circuit in a double-layered housing, internal and external magnetic circuit

The JD7 features a 10mm dynamic driver with internal and external magnetic circuitry that significantly improves magnetic flux density, allowing the driver to deliver more air for a more effortless sound.

The JD7's driver is housed in a two-layer enclosure, with each layer featuring a damping system to better control unwanted vibration and resonance, resulting in less distortion - ultimately leading to a faster sounding driver with deeper bass.

More pressure for better sound, improved magnetic conductivity.

With the JD7, you can get great sound from almost any source. The magnetic conductivity amplifier increases the magnetic flux generated by the drivers to over 1 Tesla, resulting in a sensitivity of 108 dB

- which means even your phone can drive the JD7 with ease.

Good sound from good materials, semi-crystalline PU polymer diaphragm

The JD7 features a polymer diaphragm with a PU seal, specially selected for its unique and favourable properties. The PU gives voices a unique, rich sound. The polymer diaphragm is stiff enough to minimise unwanted vibration and movement during large driver movements, yet responsive enough to react to analogue signals as soon as they arrive. All this results in a fast, clean sound - especially in the bass range. Tuned for pleasure, frequency response matched to Harman curve The JD7 has a frequency response very close to the Harman curve (In ear 2019) that will satisfy a wide range of people.

*The Harman Curve is a theoretical target sound signature developed by scientist and sound engineer Sean Olive and his team.

High-quality materials, 316L stainless steel construction.

The JD7 earphones are made from 316L stainless steel. The shells are made from metal powder that is injection moulded and sintered at 1000 degrees. This makes the JD7 not only comfortable to wear, but also extremely durable and wear-resistant.

Brand new ultra-thin HS18 ear tips are included

Included with the JD7 are three pairs* of FiiO's brand new ultra-thin HS18 ear tips. With a thickness of only 0.4 mm, the HS18 earplugs are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The HS18 earplugs also feature a large opening the same size as the JD7 sound tubes to minimise the sound barrier between the earphones and eardrum, so you can hear the full sound of the JD7. *Sizes S/M/L (size M is pre-installed).

Fatigue-free long listening, semi-open design

The semi-open design of the JD7 has sonic advantages, allowing for a smoother and more natural sound in a wider soundstage. In addition, the semi-open design balances air pressure in the JD7's housing, eliminating pressure on the eardrum and protecting your ears - for long, fatigue-free listening.

HB1 storage box included

The JD7 comes with the HB1 storage case, which not only allows you to conveniently organise your earphones and take them with you on trips, but also keeps them safe.

Basic specifications of the earphones

Wearing style: In-ear

Driver: Dynamic driver

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 32Ω

Sensitivity: 108dB/mW@1kHz

Maximum input power: 100mW

Cable: monocrystalline silver-plated copper

Cable length: approx. 120cm

Weight of the unit: approx. 8.3 g (without cable)

Earphone connector: Extended MMCX

Audio plug: 3.5 mm

List of accessories

White balanced silicone ear tips in sizes S/M/L (3 pairs)

FiiO HS18 earplugs in sizes S/M/L, 3 pairs (size M is pre-installed)

Black memory foam earplugs size M

1 pair Transparent storage case

1 x HB1

1 x MMCX headphone cable

1 x Instruction manual


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