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  • HL02178
FiiO FD11 - Dynamic in-ear headphones     10 mm dynamic driver unit with... more
Product information "FiiO FD11"

FiiO FD11 - Dynamic in-ear headphones

  •     10 mm dynamic driver unit with two hollow chambers / carbon-based diaphragm
  •     Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits / C-shaped acoustic flute design
  •     Fine-tuned frequency response / Hi-Res Audio certified
  •     0.78 mm 2-pin connector / High-quality OFC cable
  •     Premium HS18 silicone ear tips included.

The FiiO FD11 is a brand new IEM with a single dynamic driver that promises its listeners outstanding sound clarity.
The pair houses a 10mm dual-chamber dynamic driver that uses a high-quality carbon-based diaphragm to produce impressive sound with a balanced three-frequency response. You get a powerful low end, crisp midrange and smooth, detailed treble response. Experience rich timbre and beautiful sound with the all-new FiiO FD11.

High-quality sound with high-quality dynamic driver
FiiO has crafted the FD11's 10mm dynamic driver from the same materials used in the FH15 and FF5 IEMs. The FD11 gets a significant boost in its sonic capabilities from this high-quality dynamic driver. It features a dual-cavity design and a carbon-based diaphragm material. This gives the pair a very responsive sound with smooth timbre and minimal distortion.

Asymmetrical external and internal magnetic fields
FiiO has equipped the FD11 with second-generation asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuits. The pair was developed using finite element simulations that optimise the design of the magnetic circuit to produce a strong and powerful magnetic field. The result is a higher magnetic field density that allows for switching movement of the diaphragm and promises high-quality sound reproduction.

Exquisite design, comfortable fit
The FiiO FD11 is designed with the brand's ultimate craftsmanship. The pair features high-quality zinc alloy material shells that are decanted into the mould and then polished and electroplated to treat users with an exquisite finished product. It has a conch-like shape. The pair has an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable feel for users.

C-shaped acoustic flute design
FiiO has integrated its C-shaped acoustic flute into the ear cup of the FD11. This significantly improves sound performance, especially in the lower frequency range. As air moves through the FD11 ear cups, the C-shaped acoustic flute helps to increase the viscosity of the air and reduce resonance in the output signal. This helps to improve the quality of the mid and lower bass.

Fine-tuned frequency response curve
FiiO is one of the most experienced brands in the hi-fi audio industry. They have fine-tuned the FD11's tuning to deliver a clean and detailed sound. The pair has strong midrange clarity for realistic vocal reproduction.

High quality standard cable
The FiiO FD11 comes with a high-quality standard cable. It is a high-purity 4-core oxygen-free copper cable with 120 cores in each strand. The high quality oxygen-free copper material greatly improves the performance of the pair by providing smooth signal transmission and low internal resistance.

Technical data
Impedance: 24Ω@1kHz
Sensitivity: 111dB/mW
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Connector type: 0.78mm 2-pole
Terminating plug: 3.5mm gold plated copper plug.


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