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FiiO FF5 Earbuds with detachable cable and carbon-based dynamic drivers... more
Product information "FiiO FF5"

FiiO FF5
Earbuds with detachable cable and carbon-based dynamic drivers

  •     Large 14.2 mm dynamic driver
  •     PU seal + carbon-based diaphragm
  •     Extended acoustic bass resistance tubes
  •     4-core, 392-wire silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable
  •     Detachable MMCX cable
  •     3.5/4.4 mm audio connector included
  •     Open design
  •     6 pairs of anti-slip rings included
  •     Fine-tuned frequency response
  •     CNC aluminium alloy construction

Newly developed dynamic driver with carbon-based diaphragm
The FF5 is an earphone that departs from the traditions of its form factor and features a specially designed, large 14.2 mm dynamic driver with an innovative carbon-based diaphragm. The driver consists of a PU seal and a carbon-based diaphragm, which gives the driver a low weight and high rigidity. The result is a sound with fast transients and excellent treble resolution, as the driver's design minimises non-linear distortion by attenuating unwanted driver movement.

The FF5's large 14.2mm dynamic driver delivers bass reproduction unmatched in quantity and quality by smaller drivers, with a sound that feels just right. Compared to the FF3, which focuses on the low and mid frequencies, the FF5 offers a faster sound with better separation. Thanks to the carbon-based diaphragm, resolution in the mids and highs is also significantly improved, resulting in more detailed and nuanced vocal reproduction.
This is particularly noticeable with female vocals - when listening to music with a strong vocal emphasis, you can hear every last detail of the refreshingly lush voices.

Beautiful like a blossoming flower - open design
Like a flower in bloom with its many layers of petals, carefully tuned headphones can reveal many layers in the music.
Inspired by petals, the FF5's design is both beautiful and functional. The FiiO development team wanted to reduce unwanted reflections and vibrations within the FF5's housing, which led to the creation of a diffuse open design with an acoustic damping device that allows some of the air pressure within the earphones to diffuse outwards - resulting in fewer unwanted internal reflections and standing waves, leading to cleaner sound and improved bass response.

Amazingly large - Large 14.2 mm dynamic driver
The FF5 features an amazingly large 14.2mm diameter dynamic driver with a carbon-based diaphragm, chosen after much thought and experimentation. If the driver is smaller than 14.2 mm, bass performance will be negatively affected. However, if the driver is larger than 14.2 mm, the earphone becomes too large, which has a negative impact on wearing comfort. That's why we chose a 14.2 mm driver to strike a balance between high wearing comfort and stunning sound!

Standard 4-strand 392-core silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable - Fully focused, with emphasis on female vocals.
The FF5 comes standard with a silver-plated monocrystalline cable. 14 wires are braided together to form a small strand, and 7 small strands are braided together to form a large strand - giving 4 large strands with a total of 392 wires. More wires significantly increase the cross-sectional area of the wires in the cable, resulting in a higher transmission rate and stability. The strand braid reduces the skin effect, which further improves the transmission rate by increasing conductivity. Thanks to the above factors and the excellent materials, the FF5 cable has a significantly improved treble resolution compared to conventional cables, allowing for a very detailed and nuanced sound.  

True freedom: Change whenever you want - Detachable cable, interchangeable plugs.
We've found that there are very few earbuds with detachable cables, which severely limits the usability of these earbuds should something happen to the cable. The FF5 has a detachable MMCX cable that allows you to replace broken cables or experiment with different cables made of different materials.

In addition, the FF5's cable is equipped with interchangeable audio plugs, so you can switch between the included 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs at will to match your source!

Advanced acoustic bass tubes
Every new product is an opportunity for new innovation! With each new generation of earphones, a lot of experimentation is done to ensure that the performance really is at least one step ahead of the previous generation. Compared to typical in-ear monitors, more care needs to be taken when designing an earphone to ensure great sound.
After much experimentation, FiiO has developed acoustic resistance tubes for the FF5 that enhance and extend the bass response. When the driver's diaphragm vibrates, the resulting air pressure is redirected to these acoustic resistance tubes, reducing resonance in the lower frequencies so you can hear more extended and textured bass.

Specially tuned frequency response curve
"The frequency range of the female voice is between 160 Hz and 1.2 kHz. The FF5 was designed as a headphone that focuses on female voices rather than heavy bass. Therefore, a lot of attention has been paid to the representation of the frequency range and pitch of the female voice. We specifically controlled resonance at 127 Hz to prevent voices from sounding muddy and boomy, while we appropriately increased the frequency range from 2kHz to 4kHz to present female voices more clearly, transparently and prominently. Thanks to the light weight of the carbon fibre, the FF5 has excellent treble response, allowing the overtones of vocals, guitars, cymbals, violins and other instruments to come through clearly in a more nuanced and layered sound."
Chief Engineer of FiiO IEM's R&D Centre
Less weight, more materials - 1CNC aluminium alloy construction.
The FF5 is made from an aluminium alloy used in other high-end earphones to reduce weight while ensuring durability. A single ear unit weighs just 3.4g - so the FF5 simply disappears into your ear, leaving you fully immersed in your high-fidelity music.

Attention to detail for great sound - Supplied anti-slip silicone rings.
FiiO has always been a user-focused company. Some users prefer the use of non-slip silicone rings when using earbuds. Thanks to their feedback, the FF5 not only comes with three types of sponge covers, but also moulded anti-slip silicone rings. The total of 6 anti-slip silicone rings are available in sizes M/L and provide a better seal for an extended bass range, while maintaining high resolution in the other areas of the frequency response.

Wearing style: Earplugs
Driver: Single dynamic
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 45Ω@1kHz
Sensitivity: 106dB/mW@1kHz
Cable: 4 strands, total 392 wires high purity silver plated monocrystalline copper.
Cable length: approx. 1.2 m
Weight: approx. 3.4 g (without cable)
Earphone connectors: extended MMCX
Audio connector: 3.5mm SE/4.4mm balanced

Wide range of accessories
Item Notes
Detachable 3.5mm cable*1 Pre-installed
Detachable 4.4mm cable*1  
Tweeter sponge covers*6 pairs (open holes)  
Balanced sponge covers*6 pairs (thin)  
Bass sponge covers*6 pairs (thick)  
Anti-slip silicone rings M*3 pairs (black)  
Anti-slip silicone rings L*3 pairs (clear)  
MMCX tool*1  
Carrying bag HB1*1  


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Spezifikationen Tragestil: Ohrstöpsel Treiber: Einfach dynamisch Frequenzgang:... more


  • Tragestil: Ohrstöpsel
  • Treiber: Einfach dynamisch
  • Frequenzgang: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedanz: 45Ω@1kHz
  • Empfindlichkeit: 106dB/mW@1kHz
  • Kabel: 4 Litzen, insgesamt 392 Adern hochreines versilbertes monokristallines Kupfer
  • Kabellänge: ca. 1,2 m
  • Gewicht: ca. 3,4 g (ohne Kabel)
  • Ohrhöreranschlüsse: erweitertes MMCX
  • Audio-Stecker: 3,5mm SE/4,4mm symmetrisch
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