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  • HL02221
FiiO FF1     Earbuds with detachable cable and beryllium-coated driver... more
Product information "FiiO FF1"

FiiO FF1

  •     Earbuds with detachable cable and beryllium-coated driver
  •     Large 2nd generation dynamic driver with 14.2 mm diameter
  •     PU+beryllium coated diaphragm
  •     Hidden acoustic resistance tubes for extended bass
  •     Open sound and comfortable to wear
  •     Microphone with control
  •     0.78 mm 2-pin detachable cable
  •     2 different sponge covers for different sound included
  •     Anti-slip silicone rings and silicone wing hooks included

Extra-large driver, great sound - Large 14.2mm dynamic driver
The FiiO FF1 is equipped with a 14.2 mm dynamic driver, which is not common in its class. This driver is part of the second generation of dynamic drivers in the FiiO FF series. Thanks to its science-based design, the FF1 driver's resonant frequency contributes to an extended, dynamic and textured bass for an overall more magnificent sound.

Stunning sound - PU+beryllium-coated diaphragm
The driver and its diaphragm are the heart of an earphone, as this is where the sound is produced. Not only is the FF1's driver extremely rigid and lightweight with sufficient damping, but a special seal suspension system has been designed specifically for the FF1 to allow the driver to move better. This results in better quality and robust bass, sweet mids and vocals, for a sound that exudes atmosphere.
The beryllium-coated diaphragm is very stiff yet lightweight, resulting in less unwanted driver break-up and therefore less distortion. Measured distortion: <0.2%@94dB (150~20kHz). The driver is also very responsive and offers excellent transient response.

Hidden Advanced Acoustic Bass Resistance Tubes - Let the Sound Flow
Sound is created by the movement of air, and acoustic engineers focus on how to harness that air movement. For the FiiO FF1, the acoustic engineers designed a slim acoustic resistance tube that starts at the top of the FF1 earpiece and runs to the back. This hidden acoustic tube not only contributes to the FF1's elegant design, but also ensures that air can flow smoothly inside the earphones. Most importantly, the acoustic resistance tube can reduce the resonant frequency of the earbud housing and bass loss, so you can enjoy deeper and purer bass of high quality.
Experience high quality bass When worn open, the FF1's effective frequency response extends to an astonishing 38 Hz, allowing listeners to become even more immersed in their music. For better bass performance, it is recommended to use the ear tips with sponge cover. Notes: Open wearing refers to normal wearing of the earplugs with sound leakage and no sponge cover.

Nearly invisible when worn - Lightweight 3.2 g
As an affordable entry-level earphone, the FF1 is highly likely to be used in a variety of scenarios and over a long period of time - so FiiO needed to ensure the earphones were comfortable for long listening sessions. The FF1 weighs just 3.2g as a single earbud, making it almost invisible in the ears, ensuring excellent comfort during extended wear.

Sport or leisure, HiFi is always with you - Supplied anti-slip silicone rings, silicone wing hooks
Included with the FF1 are 3 pairs of anti-slip silicone rings in various sizes to ensure that the earphones stay comfortably in your ears, regardless of your ear size. Thanks to the FF1's open-wearing design, using the earphones is also suitable for activities such as hiking or cycling. Also included with the FF1 are a pair of silicone wing hooks that allow you to experience hi-fi while exercising.

Communicate with the world with one button - Microphone with integrated controls.
Scenario 1: The FF1 has inline controls that allow you to answer calls with just one button.
Scenario 2: The FF1 is equipped with an HD microphone that allows for high quality calls.
Scenario 3: The FF1 can be used as a hi-fi gaming headset, allowing you to exchange information with the HD microphone while fully immersed in the sound of the game.
*The FF1 comes with a Type-C adapter cable that is compatible with many Android devices.

0.78 mm 2-pin detachable cable
The FiiO FF1 features a detachable cable with 0.78mm 2-pin connector, paving the way for future upgrades to your listening experience.

Great sound, tailor-made for you - 2 different sponge covers included.
Included are 2 different sponge covers that allow you to tailor the sound of the FF1 to your exact needs. Open hole: transparent sponge cover, powerful bass, clear treble / Without hole: transparent sponge cover, powerful bass, lush vocals.


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Spezifikationen Tragestil: Offenes Tragen Treiber: 14,2 mm dynamischer Treiber... more


Tragestil: Offenes Tragen

Treiber: 14,2 mm dynamischer Treiber

Frequenzgang: 20Hz-20kHz

Impedanz: 40 Ω@1kHz

Empfindlichkeit: 106dB/mW@1kHz

Kabel-Material: Sauerstofffreies Kupfer

Kabellänge: Etwa 1,2m

Gewicht des Kopfhörers: Etwa 3,2g (ohne Kabel)

Kopfhörerstecker: 0,78mm 2-polig

Audio-Stecker: 3,5 mm

Reichhaltiges Zubehör

Ohrhörer*1 Paar


Transparente Schwammabdeckungen*3 Paare: (offenes Loch), Bass-Schwammabdeckungen*3 Paare (kein Loch),

Anti-Rutsch-Silikonring M*1 (transparent schwarz), Anti-Rutsch-Silikonring L*1 (transparent),

Silikon-Flügelhaken*1 Paar (transparent schwarz),

Adapter Typ-C auf 3,5 mm Buchse,



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