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FiiO FH7S - Welcome to the new S-Class. The FiiO InEar headphones FH7S in summary: The FiiO... more
Product information "FiiO FH7s"

FiiO FH7S - Welcome to the new S-Class.

The FiiO InEar headphones FH7S in summary: The FiiO FH7S scores with its 3-way design with four Balanced Armature drivers, the dynamic driver made of Diamond-like Carbon as well as the intelligent tuning filters for a customizable sound. High end at an affordable price.

The highlights of the FiiO FH7S at a glance:

- All roads lead to Rome - And three to excellent sound.
- Everyone gets what they need - Dynamic DLC driver + Balanced Armature
- Diamond-like Carbon - Ultra-firm, arrow-quick and dust-dry bass
- Integrated turbocharger - S.TURBO V2.0 provides perfect bass
- The sound of your life - Three tuning filters included

Five drivers for one result - Uncompromisingly good sound
In principle, even a single diaphragm can reproduce the complete frequency range in an in-ear headphone. But the FiiO FH7S is ultimately not about fundamentals, but about excellence.

DLC meets Balanced Armature - With lots of know-how
And so five (!) drivers are used in the FH7S. For each frequency range a separate specialist, which was developed and optimized exclusively for its task. And so a pair of SWFK-31736 balanced-armature drivers take care of the high frequencies, a pair of DFK balanced-armature drivers take care of the midrange, and a dynamic "DLC" driver (short for "Diamond-like Carbon") provides pressure and structure in the bass.
And as usual, FiiO leaves nothing at all to chance when it comes to the drivers. If Knowles is already one of the best balanced-armature manufacturers in the world, FiiO did not miss the opportunity to participate in the development and contribute himself. And the development of the Diamond-like Carbon driver is entirely in-house.

Diamond-like Carbon - Shining appearance in the FiiO FH7S
Balanced Armature drivers are incredibly precise and are therefore the first choice for excellent sound. Except in the bass range, because here they can't generate the necessary excursion. So an adequate alternative had to be found that could keep up with the BA drivers in terms of sound. And since they didn't really find anything on the market, FiiO sat down and developed a suitable driver themselves: the dynamic 13.6 millimeter "Diamond-like Carbon" driver.
What exactly distinguishes this driver is already in the name: a high-strength structure, similar to a diamond. This is absolutely necessary, especially in the bass range, so that bass sounds not only powerful and deep, but also precise and structured, without clanking or distorting.
And that's where the physical properties of carbon come in handy. On the one hand, this material is super light and has high internal damping, but at the same time it is extremely strong and stable, which makes it the perfect material for bass cones. The only downside: it's expensive.

A stylish dwelling - With intelligent, sound-rich ideas.

At first glance, the FiiO FH7S looks like a piece of technology from the future. And it is a bit, considering how many innovations have gone into it.

Larger stage and more relaxed listening

The 2nd generation semi-open design significantly further improves airflow in and out of the cabinet - which means an even more balanced soundstage. In addition, the inevitable air pressure on the listener's inner ear is significantly reduced, guaranteeing many hours of unclouded music enjoyment and significantly improving stage imaging.

More beautiful voices thanks to notch filter

Voices are a real challenge in sound reproduction. Often there is the dreaded "hiss" on the sibilants, especially with S sounds. This is caused by unwanted resonances that are mixed in with the actual music signal and cause a sharpness or harshness in the sound image.

The precisely calculated notch filter in the FiiO FH7S ensures that these unwanted resonances do not even find their way into the ear canal, but are caught beforehand. What remains is the pure, unadulterated music signal and a completely relaxed sound.

S.TURBO technology - clean and structured bass guaranteed
Bass reflex tubes are not only found in speakers, but also in (miniaturized) form in in-ear headphones like the FiiO FH7S. However, this is not simply a tube, but the patented S.TURBO design.
The bass reflex tube is shaped like a turbine, through which the sound, or rather the air excited by it, is precisely accelerated and directed. This concept gives, for example, drums significantly more authority and precision at the same time.

Everybody hears differently - the FiiO FH7S helps you to do so
Everyone likes their music differently, and of course FiiO knows that. And so that you do not now need different headphones for different music genres and tastes, the FH7S comes with three different sound filters with which you can create your own personal sound.
So there's a dynamic filter that adds more fun bass, a balanced filter that balances bass and treble, and a filter that favors treble and adds even more detail to the soundstage.
Now you just have to decide what you like best.

Wearing comfort has also been thought of
With many other headphones, the cable simply hangs down on the headphones and thus once again contributes its share to the perceived weight. Not so with the FiiO FH7S. There, the cable is routed over the ear, which not only relieves your ear of the weight, but also at the same time still provides a comfortable yet firm fit in the ear.
Whether you're sitting relaxed on the sofa enjoying music or really working out in the gym: The FH7S stays securely in place.

Screwing instead of plugging - And that at the highest level
Of course, the FiiO FH7S can only play back what it receives as a signal from the source. And so that nothing goes wrong on the way from the player to the headphones, FiiO has also thought of the matching headphone cable.
At its core, this is a high-quality copper cable that has been coated with monocrystalline silver. Every single one of the 152 strands in the cable.
A clever detail here is that you can choose between the 3.5 millimeter and 4.4 millimeter jack plugs included in the scope of delivery. And these are not simply plugged on or pushed into each other, but securely screwed to the actual cable. This guarantees that no note is lost.

Accessories for all situations - Gigantic scope of delivery
In addition to the high-quality headphone cable, the FiiO FH7S also comes with plenty of other practical accessories. Such as the silicone ear tips FiiO HS18, which celebrate their premiere in the FH7S. What's special about them: The part that touches the ear is just 0.4 millimeters thick and thus adapts perfectly to the individual shape of the ear. Once again, hours of unadulterated listening pleasure are guaranteed.
And as if that weren't enough, there's a whole armada of different Ear Tips in various sizes, fits and tonal tunings. Plus, the FiiO HB5 storage bag, a cleaning brush, and the handy magnetic clip to keep cables from tangling and twisting.


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