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  FiiO FH15 - the new hybrid IEM benchmark  Well-founded breakthroughs from... more
Product information "FiiO FH15"


FiiO FH15 - the new hybrid IEM benchmark 

Well-founded breakthroughs from more than 1570 days of development time


  •     1 dynamic, 3 BA driver
  •     10mm dynamic carbon-based cone driver
  •     Knowles BA CNC aluminium alloy construction
  •     Notch filter
  •     Patented S.Turbo design 3 tuning filters included 
  •     152-core silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable
  •     FiiO HS18 ear tips
  •     1 dynamic and 3 balanced-armature drivers in hybrid design- Robust bass, powerful and musical, like a personal concert in the ear
  •     Dynamic driver with 10 mm carbon-based diaphragm


 Completely redesigned driver from FiiO, fast transients, always alive Knowles BA driver

 Dedicated Knowles ED-30262 for mids, two Knowles RAD-33518 for highs

 CNC aluminium alloy construction

 High-quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, for a luxurious feel

 Notchfiltger technology for smoother highs, with denser and more powerful mids

 Patented S.Turbo design Improved bass, more robust and deeper bass

 3 tuning filters included More sound flavours to choose from

 152-core silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable for full-bodied sound. Delivers fast, beautiful tones

 FiiO HS18 ear tips Included - Sizes S/M/L, only 0.4 mm thick

 4 years fine tuning

 Move forward with the new reference-class hybrid HiFi IEMs.

In 2018, FiiO has implemented cutting-edge technologies such as TRISHELL housing, S.Turbo acoustic design and a 10mm polymer composite driver into the FH5, providing listeners with a rich and detailed listening experience. After its launch, the FH5 was praised by users for its excellent deep bass and high resolution in an affordable package. It has been on the market for more than 50 months and is a testament to our commitment to great sound. The FH5 has also been recognised by the industry - winning awards at the 2019 Summer and Winter VGP and the 2020 VGP.

In 2021, FiiO launched the FH5s/FH5s Pro, equipped with interchangeable filters that allow users to better customise their sound. This time, we wanted to go back to basics and take on the daunting challenge of taking the sound quality of the FH series to a new level.

After four years of development and three generations of other product launches, countless experiments and restarts, an IEM has emerged that is the result of innovation after a lengthy development process. Based on a wealth of objective data and subjective listening tests, FiiO has not only developed a brand new 10mm dynamic driver with a carbon-based diaphragm, but also combined it with other cutting-edge technologies in the FH15 to give you a music experience as if you were right there with the artists.

The VGP, short for Visual Grand Prix, is an event organised by Japanese publisher Ongen Publishing. The VGP was launched in 1984 and over the course of 30 years has earned a reputation as the "Oscars of audiovisual engineering", widely recognised in Japan and throughout Asia.

Message from the engineers

FiiO presents FH15 "Among our products, the FH5 is a mid-range product with a sound signature that appeals to many. It offers a rich sound with lush voices, perfect for detailed classical and instrumental music.

In the four years and three product generations since the FH5 was launched, we found that users wanted a brighter sound and even higher resolution in the treble, without sacrificing the FH5's sound, which is suitable for all types of music.

That's why we used the FH5's sound as a reference when tuning and developing the FH15's drivers.

The lower frequencies are handled by our all-new 10mm dynamic driver with carbon cone. The midrange frequencies are produced by a special Knowles ED-30262 BA driver, while the treble is taken care of by a Knowles RAD-33518, which provides a much improved transparency of sound. The bass, midrange and treble have been tuned to make the FH15 sound good across all genres of music.

For those who want to fine-tune the sound of instrumental music focusing on specific instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, etc., the FH15 offers interchangeable filters with distinctly different sounds."

--Joseph Chief Engineer of FiiO IEMs Research and Development Centre.

Newly developed 10mm dynamic driver with carbon-based diaphragm

The FiiO development team has chosen a carbon-based material for the diaphragm of the dynamic driver, which provides excellent transient response.

The low weight, high stiffness and high internal resistance of carbon mean that the dynamic driver can quickly start and stop movements as it responds to changes in the input signal. The high internal damping of the carbon-based diaphragm's thousands of stacked and woven cross-fibre filaments means that the edge and centre of the diaphragm can move quickly in the same direction - minimising the driver break-up that occurs when different parts of the driver move out of sync. This results in less distortion and ultimately a clearer sound.

10mm--Large dynamic driver --Tensile strength 9 times that of steel 1/4--For the same volume ¼ lighter than beryllium 4.

Custom Knowles BA driver -Like you've been to a concert.

For midrange frequencies, the FH15 uses the custom Knowles ED-30262 BA drivers.

These drivers work in conjunction with specially placed tuning holes in the FH15's cabinet, allowing for richer vocals and a more musical sound. The treble is reproduced by 2 Knowles RAD-33518 BA drivers, which offer high resolution in the treble and capture every last detail in the music for a truly airy sound. These drivers ensure that you have a listening experience as if you were there with the artists performing.

Individual notch filter

Richer sound for more enjoyable listening "For hybrid headphones with multiple drivers, finding the right combination requires looking at the drivers not only as a unit, but also independently. We first tuned each driver separately, as if it stood alone, and then combined the drivers scientifically. This methodical process allowed us to achieve our sonic goals for the FH15."

--FiiO IEM's R&D Centre

The Notch Filter was designed specifically for the FH15, giving it its distinctive sound. A Helmholtz resonator is designed to work with the ED drivers in the mid-frequency range. When the sound wave is at a certain frequency for which the Helmholtz resonator is designed, the volume of sounds at that frequency is amplified as the resonator concentrates and resonates that frequency. A look at the frequency response curve shows that the frequency response between 1 kHz and 4 kHz has been improved, resulting in denser sounding mids that give voices and instruments more realism without sounding thin. In addition, the resonator is connected to a thin port to eliminate unwanted resonance peaks and overlapping frequencies produced by the different drivers to achieve better coherence between the drivers while eliminating sibilance. This is the notch filter technology used in the FH15.

 S.Turbo patented design

Scientific hi-fi with optimised frequency response Balance between bass, midrange and treble as well as clarity are the ideal sound goals of many audiophiles, but this is easier said than done with hybrid IEMs with multiple drivers. The reason is that the different drivers produce frequencies that overlap and interfere with each other. Therefore, crossovers are needed to split the frequencies to be generated between the drivers to achieve a clear, coherent sound. Therefore, the RC circuit design is used to manage the crossover in the higher frequencies, using the high-frequency driver with the higher resonance frequency as the high-pass filter. To manage the crossover in the lower frequencies, the traditional low-pass filter RC circuit requires components that take up too much space in the inherently small in-ear monitors. However, this did not stop FiiO from finding a solution that would ensure high quality bass frequencies produced by the drivers. The development team worked with an understanding of the basic principle of sound waves. The higher the frequency of the sound wave, the shorter the wavelength and the faster the attenuation. The FiiO development team worked with this basic principle and came up with the patented S.Turbo acoustic design*.

*Patent No: ZL2018211416279

To achieve our sound goals for the FH15 in the mids and highs, we filter the higher frequencies produced by the woofer in a low-pass filter called the S.Turbo Acoustic Design. This design reduces the overlap in frequency response between the woofers and midrange drivers, providing more coherence between the different drivers and a more balanced frequency response for a cleaner, more natural sound.

Reboot your senses

A fusion of classic and modern design The FH15 is a reinterpretation of in-ear monitor design with a dragon scale motif in a medium-sized oval shape that fits the ear perfectly for added comfort. The modern, minimalist lines blend seamlessly with the classic dragon scale design elements, giving the FH15 a vibrant, rugged look that redefines your idea of what an IEM can look like.

Aluminium alloy construction

5-axis CNC - The FH15 is constructed from aluminium alloy which, combined with the dragon scale design elements, gives the IEM a unique, exquisite feel. Due to the small surface area of the FH15 faceplate, precise 5-axis CNC machining ensures that every texture on the faceplate is appropriately three-dimensional and eye-catching. The CNC machining uses fine 0.8mm diameter milling heads to ensure that the textures on the front panel are both attractive to the eye and luxurious to the touch.

Come on, let me be in charge of the sound

Interchangeable audio filters

3 pairs of audio filters are included, each pair providing a different sound depending on the density of the materials in the filter:

Red filter - boosted bass, for a powerful sound

Black filter - balanced sound, transparent and clear

Green filter - exquisite highs, high resolution

*Green filter is pre-installed, the other filters are on the included storage sheet

Brand new FiiO HS18 earplugs

Included with the FH15 are 3 pairs of the FiiO HS18 ear tips. With a thickness of only 0.4 mm, the HS18 are extremely comfortable to wear. The HS18s also feature a large opening that matches the size of the earcup to minimise the barrier between the earpiece and the eardrum, ensuring maximum detail and less sound loss at high frequencies.

A high quality cable of great value

The FH15 comes with a 152-core, silver-plated, monocrystalline copper cable with 8 strands. The stranded braid specifically reduces skin and proximity effect, resulting in lower eddy current losses and therefore improved high frequency resolution. In addition, the audio connectors are interchangeable and 3.5mm/4.4mm connectors are included. *The interchangeable audio jack is officially patent pending by FABRILOUS.


Wearing style: Over-the-ear

IEM Housing construction: Aluminium alloy Dynamic

Driver: 10 mm carbon-based cone (low frequencies)

BA driver: Knowles RAD-33518*2 (high frequency)

Knowles ED-30262 (midrange)

Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 16 Ω @ 1kHz

Sensitivity: 112dB/mW@1kHz

Cable: 152 wires of high-purity, silver-plated, monocrystalline copper.

Cable length: Approx. 1.2 m

Weight of the device: Approx. 6.6g (without cable)

Rich accessories:

3.5 mm interchangeable plug*1 Pre-installed 4.4 mm interchangeable jack*1

Tweeter filter*2 (green ring) Pre-installed Balanced filter*2 (black ring) Bass filter*2 (red ring)

MMCX tool*1 Carrying bag HB1*

1 cleaning brush*

1 HS18 earplug*

3 pairs (SML) Balanced Earplugs*

3 pairs (SML) size M pre-installed vocal earplugs*

3 pairs (SML) Bass earplugs*

3 pairs (SML) Double flange earplugs*

2 pairs (M) Foam earplugs*

2 pairs (M)

Instruction manual*1



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Spezifikationen Tragestil: Über-dem-Ohr IEM Gehäusekonstruktion: Aluminiumlegierung... more


  • Tragestil: Über-dem-Ohr
  • IEM Gehäusekonstruktion: Aluminiumlegierung Dynamischer
  • Treiber: 10-mm-Membran auf Kohlenstoffbasis (niedrige Frequenzen)
  • BA-Treiber: Knowles RAD-33518*2 (Hochtonbereich)
  • Knowles ED-30262 (mittlere Frequenzen)
  • Frequenzgang: 10Hz-40kHz
  • Impedanz: 16 Ω @ 1kHz
  • Empfindlichkeit: 112dB/mW@1kHz
  • Kabel: 152 Drähte aus hochreinem, versilbertem, monokristallinem Kupfer
  • Kabellänge: Etwa 1,2 m
  • Gewicht des Geräts: Etwa 6,6g (ohne Kabel)


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