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FiiO FX15     4 electrostatic + 1DD + 1BA hybrid in-ear monitor... more
Product information "FiiO FX15"

FiiO FX15

  •     4 electrostatic + 1DD + 1BA hybrid in-ear monitor
  •     FiiO's first IEMs with EST drivers
  •     Hybrid configuration with six drivers
  •     Four high-resolution SONION electrostatic drivers
  •     One high-performance Knowles balanced-armature driver
  •     One custom-designed dynamic 10mm DLC dome driver
  •     Unique conceptual "Sound & Shape" design
  •     Switch to turn on the EST drivers
  •     FiiO's patented S. Turbo acoustic architecture
  •     Professional DLP 3D printed resin ear cups
  •     Ergonomic and lightweight
  •     224-core high purity sterling silver cable
  •     Secure MMCX connectors / Modular connector system

The new FiiO FX15 is a multi-driver hybrid IEM featuring a hybrid driver set with six drivers on each side. The pair houses a combination of three types of drivers:

a 10mm DLC Dynamic driver,
a Knowles Premium Balanced Armature driver
and four Sonion EST drivers.

The FiiO FX15 is FiiO's first product with an EST implementation. It has been designed with extreme precision and great professionalism to deliver high-end sound quality and a comfortable wearing experience. With professional tuning settings, the FiiO FX15 delivers great sound resolution and the ultimate music listening experience to its users.

Premium sound with advanced architecture
The FiiO brand has years of experience in designing and developing premium audio devices. FiiO has designed the latest FX15 with a unique six-driver hybrid configuration that promises high-end sound to its users. The pair consists of a dedicated 10mm DLC dome dynamic driver for a powerful bottom end, a Knowles midrange/treble driver unit and four Sonion EST tweeter driver units. The drivers work together to produce a truly high-resolution sound output.

FiiO's first implementation of electrostatic drivers
The FiiO FX15 is FiiO's first implementation of high-resolution electrostatic drivers in IEMs. The brand has collaborated with SONION, one of the leading brands in the industry, to deliver high-quality and high-performance electrostatic driver units. Using four EST drivers on each side, the FiiO FX15 delivers a hugely detailed high frequency band.

Switch on the EST drivers at will
The EST drivers are arranged here to enhance high-frequency extension and provide users with impressive high-frequency resolution. The pair features a switch that allows users to easily turn the EST drivers on and off.

FiiO's patented S.Turbo acoustic design
To enhance the low frequency response produced by the dynamic driver unit, FiiO has equipped the pair with its patented S.Turbo acoustic design architecture. It incorporates an ultra-thin and long acoustic tube that significantly improves the pair's bass response.

Professional tuning settings
The FiiO FX15 is a true high-resolution in-ear monitor that promises high-end sound with its exquisite driver setup. The pair is tuned to deliver a balanced sound with powerful bass, beautiful mids and smooth but detailed highs.

Exquisite looks with "Sound and Shape" design theme
FiiO's FX15 IEMs feature an eye-catching ear cup design. The design of the pair is inspired by the "Sound and Shape" design theme. The pair looks beautiful with its designer covers.

High-precision 3D-printed ear cups
FiiO has teamed up with a top brand in the industry and used their exquisite craftsmanship to create the beautiful FX15. The pair is made from high quality resin material, manufactured using high-precision DLP 3D printing technology. The shells are lightweight and promise to keep the listener comfortable.

High purity cable
To ensure that the FiiO FX15 delivers premium sound performance, FiiO ships the pair with its high-purity 224-core sterling silver cable. It features an interchangeable connector system with 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs included. The high-purity wire core allows for smooth signal transmission with low internal resistance for the audio signal.

Frequency range: 20Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 103dB/mW
Connector plugs: 4.4mm+3.5mm.

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