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The HE-R10D is the first "real" closed headphone from HIFIMAN and at the same time a statement. The dynamic headphones are based on a legendary model. And by the way, it can also support Bluetooth in no less than five formats. HIFIMAN...
€1,349.00 *
HifiMAN Deva Pro BT HifiMAN Deva Pro BT
In Sanskrit, the word "deva" stands for something divine, heavenly, excellent. Indian mythology knows 33 devas - angelic counterparts of demons who act on a higher level than man. In the case of HIFIMAN, one is inclined to call the DEVA...
€369.00 *
Grado GW100 Grado GW100
Since 1953, Grado Labs has evolved at its own pace, and the first Grado wireless headphones are just the first step in what's to come. Grado has taken its time to get the sound just right and has made no compromises with the GW100. Apart...
€279.00 *
HifiMAN Ananda BT HifiMAN Ananda BT
HfifMAN Ananda Blutooth Version The world highest quality magnetostatic Bluetooth Audio headphone. Up to 24Bit/192kHz (USB) 24Bit/96kHz (Bluetooth) Powered by a balanced Amplification module. HifiMAN "Supernano" diaphragm is 80% thinner...
€899.00 *