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  • HL02164.32Ohm
FiiO FT3 - 32 Ohm variant Finally, a great over-ear from FiiO - now finally available as a... more
Product information "FiiO FT3 - 32 Ohm"

FiiO FT3 - 32 Ohm variant

Finally, a great over-ear from FiiO - now finally available as a variant that is ideal for mobile use!

  •     Large dynamic High-Res Over-Ear headphones
  •     60 mm large dynamic LCP/aluminium coated driver
  •     32Ω high impedance
  •     Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system
  •     Open-back design
  •     392 strands of monocrystalline copper cable
  •     Anodised aluminium construction
  •     Lightweight, hollow design
  •     4 different audio connectors included

High-end hi-fi, easily accessible
32-Ω design A sense of relaxation wrapped in dense mids and bass The 32-Ω version of the FT3 focuses on delivering lush but very textured mids and bass. The bass is very present and robust, yet very controlled and detailed. The mids are also lush and relaxed, making the FT3 very pleasant to listen to.
60 mm large dynamic driver

Sound is created by the vibration of material - so the choice of driver is very important to sound quality. The FT3 features a large 60 mm dynamic driver, which is unusual in its class. Compared to a smaller driver, the FT3 can expel more air and convert the energy into sound more efficiently - resulting in a more natural yet robust sound with a wide soundstage.

The FT3's large dynamic driver has other advantages as well. For example, the diaphragm's size enables it to carry a higher output power, resulting in less distortion from large dynamic signals. In addition, the larger driver is more easily able to produce lower frequencies to achieve deeper bass.
Sophisticated design - Beryllium-coated gasket + DLC diaphragm.

The diaphragm is one of the most important components of a dynamic driver. And not every diaphragm material can meet the FT3's requirements due to the large driver size. After countless tests at FiiO, an LCP/aluminium coated driver/seal was chosen for the more portable 32 Ohm version. The seal of the FT3 driver is coated with aluminium. This not only results in a lighter gasket (and thus a lighter driver), but also a stiffer gasket that is better able to handle the movements of the large dynamic driver, resulting in less distortion. The FT3's diaphragm is made of LCP, which is very robust and lightweight compared to other diaphragm materials. This means that the FT3 driver is less prone to breakage and therefore non-linear distortion, while at the same time having an extremely extended frequency response and improved soundstage.

Pure sound - 32Ω high impedance.
The voice coil is made of ultra-fine copper-clad Japanese aluminium with a diameter of only 0.035mm. This finer voice coil allows the driver to follow signals better and faster, has anti-interference capabilities and enables thunderous dynamics over a wide frequency response range.

Hear the artist's intent - Asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system.
The FT3 uses powerful N52 neodymium magnets to maximise sound quality at an impedance of 32Ω. These magnets are arranged in an optimised asymmetrical internal and external magnetic circuit system. When the voice coil begins to move during sound reproduction, the optimised magnetic circuit compensates for this voice coil and diaphragm movement, especially during large dynamic changes - allowing more effective use of magnetic energy and better control over the voice coil.

Quality cable - monocrystalline copper wire
The FiiO FT3 comes standard with a 1.5m m cable with a diameter of 23 AWG, made of high-purity monocrystalline copper wire.
Outer shell material: TPE
Shielding layer: PCOCC-A (26/0.12X2)
Insulating layer: PFA Conductor: PCOCC-A (3/20/0.8X2AWG23)
Outer diameter: 2.4mmx2 (parallel structure)
Widely compatible - 4 interchangeable audio connectors are standard

The FT3 cable is equipped with the following 4 types of interchangeable connectors:
3.5mm / 4.4mm interchangeable plugs
4.4mm to XLR-4 balanced adapter

*The interchangeable audio plugs are officially patented by FABRILOUS.

Lighter and stronger - aluminium alloy construction.
The FT3's exterior is made entirely of aluminium alloy, which is not only luxurious to the touch, but also very strong yet lightweight. This gives the FT3 the perfect combination of a comfortable listening experience and enough durability to withstand life's challenges.
Full comfort - with lightweight, hollow mesh design
The FT3's design starts with hexagonal elements as a base, which combine with the usual look of open-back headphones to create a bold sci-fi appearance. The open-back design features a hollowed-out mesh to not only further reduce weight and increase listening comfort, but also to fully showcase the driver's capabilities in a more open environment.

Removes a layer of veil from your music - Open Design
The FT3 features an open-back design that reduces unwanted vibration and resonance, resulting in a bigger soundstage because when the driver pushes air into the cabinet, the open back means the air hits it. The result is that details in the music are reproduced more clearly and naturally in a wide, open soundstage, as if you were listening to a live performance.
Freely rotatable 3-axis swivel design

The FT3 has been extensively tested for fit in the FiiO labs, and the 3-axis swivel design is a result of this testing. The 3-axis swivel design has been specifically developed to allow the FT3 to better fit a variety of head and face shapes, improving comfort and seal and maximising sound quality.

Innovative details - angled drivers parallel to the ear
The FT3's drivers are angled so that they are parallel to the ear when worn. This helps reduce the high frequency response caused by waves hitting the contour of the ear rather than entering it. Angled drivers can also minimise unwanted reflections caused by the headphone cup that would result in standing waves, and also reduce frequency response distortion. In addition, the back of the FT3 cone features a reflective tip specifically designed to direct the sound waves generated by the driver so that unwanted reflections do not interfere with each other, reducing both sonic errors and unwanted artefacts in the frequency response.
Rich sounds

2 sets of different sounding ear pads
The FT3 comes with 2 sets of ear pads, each with a different sound
Velour ear pads: Balanced sound, enhanced atmosphere, majestic experience
Leather replica ear pads: Clear sound, large soundstage, high detail

Thorough protection - storage bag included
The FT3 comes with a storage bag that provides comprehensive protection for your headphones in a lightweight but luxurious package.

FiiO FT3 Basic Specifications
Headphone type: Dynamic driver headphones
Frequency range: 7Hz-40kHz
Driver type: 60mm dynamic driver
Diaphragm material:LCP aluminium metal plated + aluminum metal diaphragm
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 110dB (1Vrms)@1kHz
Weight: Approximately 391g (without cable)
Ear cushion pressure: 4.0N±0.3N
Cable length: Approx. 1.5m
Cable material: 392 strand monocrystalline copper wire
Headphone connector: Dual 3.5 mm

Wide range of accessories

3.5 mm interchangeable plug / 4.4 mm interchangeable plug / 3.5 mm jack to 6.35 mm plug adapter / Balanced adapter from 4.4 mm jack to XLR-4 plug
Storage case
2 pairs of ear pads

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