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HifiMAN HE1000 Special Edition HifiMAN HE1000 Special Edition
With the new "Special Edition" of the HE1000, HIFIMAN responds to the frequently expressed wish to be able to operate the reference headphones with small amplifiers or even mobile. The HE1000se enables remarkably good music reproduction...
€2,399.00 *
HifiMAN Arya Stealth HifiMAN Arya Stealth
For those who appreciate the sound signature of the legendary first model of the HIFIMAN HE1000 and don't want to be priced at the level of its successor models HE1000 V2 or HE1000se, HIFIMAN now has a new magnetostat in its portfolio....
€1,499.00 *
HifiMAN Deva Wired HifiMAN Deva Wired
In Sanskrit, the word "deva" stands for something divine, heavenly, excellent. Indian mythology knows 33 devas - angelic counterparts of demons who act on a higher level than man. In the case of HIFIMAN, one is inclined to call the DEVA...
€279.00 * €369.00 *
HifiMAN Sundara HifiMAN Sundara
For the name of the HIFIMAN Sundara, the company has once again used Sanskrit. There, the word stands for "grace" or "beauty" - terms that perfectly match the sound quality of the new headphone model. In his new magnetostat, company boss...
€259.00 * €349.00 *
HifiMAN Edition XS HifiMAN Edition XS
The HiFiMAN EDITION XS is the latest addition to the HE1000 EDITION X lineage. It brings all the goodness of its predecessor Edition X V2 and the latest features of the family branch. Behind the name Stealth Magnets technology are...
€499.00 *
HifiMAN Ananda BT HifiMAN Ananda BT
HfifMAN Ananda Blutooth Version The world highest quality magnetostatic Bluetooth Audio headphone. Up to 24Bit/192kHz (USB) 24Bit/96kHz (Bluetooth) Powered by a balanced Amplification module. HifiMAN "Supernano" diaphragm is 80% thinner...
€799.00 *
HifiMAN HE400se Stealth Edition HifiMAN HE400se Stealth Edition
HIFIMAN HE400SE – HIFIMAN tut es schon wieder! Der Kopfhörer HIFIMAN HE400SE in der Zusammenfassung: Hat uns HIFIMAN gerade erst mit dem HE400i Version 2020 und seinem hervorragenden Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis überrascht, holen sie kurze...
€119.00 * €169.00 *